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Eat, move, and live better.

At Active Chiropractic we believe in helping people restore their quality of life. While chiropractic care improves flexibility and strength it does not directly address weight loss. That’s why we offer the Advanced Health Systems weight loss program to our patients. Their program walks you through the process step-by-step and is designed to promote permanent changes in diet, exercise habits, and lifestyle behaviors.

Start Your Journey Today for $299*

*Cost includes 12 weeks of one-on-one nutritional, weight loss and fitness counseling. Nutritional products are a separate cost and are $12 a box for both bars and shakes.

Change your body, and your life, with personal advice from expert coaches and mentors. 


Advanced Health Systems is a comprehensive, yet simple, treatment solution for clients who are mildly or morbidly overweight looking to lose weight while obtaining proper nutrition and motivated to implement the necessary lifestyle changes to keep the weight off. The key components of the program work synergistically to help clients lose weight and develop healthy lifestyle skills that promote successful weight maintenance.”

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