Looking for an alternative to back surgery?

Spinal decompression therapy is a modern, non-surgical traction procedure that effectively treats low back, neck, and radiating leg and arm pain. This type of traction is very successful in relieving pain associated with spinal disc herniation, degenerative spinal discs, and facet joint syndromes.

Disc herniations can heal

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Spinal decompression assist the body in the healing of the disc by gently separating the vertebrae from each other. This creates a vacuum inside the injured discs.  This "vacuum effect" is also known as negative intra-discal pressure.  The negative pressure may induce the retraction of the herniated or bulging disc into the inside of the disc, and off the nerve root, thecal sac, or both. It happens only microscopically each time, but cumulatively, over four to six weeks, the results can be dramatic.  Spinal decompression also  promotes the diffusion of water, oxygen, and nutrient-rich fluids from the outside of the discs to the inside. These nutrients enable the torn and degenerated disc fibers to begin to heal.

spinal decompression

Is Spinal Decompression right for you?

Dr. Alexander compares your exam findings with your your recent MRI to determine if you qualify for this non-surgical traction procedure.  For patients that qualify, often complete resolution of pain is achieved.